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Plenary Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Kanatzidis

Prof. Mercouri G. Kanatzidis

Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, USA

“Atomic-, Nano- Meso- Scale and Beyond: A Panoscopic View of Thermoelectrics”

Dr. Androula Nassiopoulou

Director of Research at The Institute of Microelectronics of NCSR Demokritos, Greece

“Porous Si thermal insulation platform for applications in thermoelectric and cooling devices”

Dr. Polycarpos Falaras

Institute of Advanced Mat., Nanotechnology & Microsystems, NCSR “Demokritos”, Greece

“Recent advances in dye sensitized solar cells”

Dr. Nassiopoulou

Prof. Björgvin Hjörvarsson

Uppsala Universitet, Sweden

“The effect of finite size on hydrogen uptake”

Prof. Habil. Dr. Vaidotas KAŽUKAUSKAS

Semiconductor Physics Department of Vilnius University, Lithuania

Prof. Kazukauskas

Prof. Wilfrid Prellier

Research Director at CNRS (French National

Centre for Scientific Research), France

“Oxide films for renewable energy applications: from single crystals to polycrystalline substrates”

Prof. Prellier Dr. Polycarpos Falaras Dr. Kwo-hsiung Young

Dr. Kwo-hsiung Young

Ovonic Division BASF, Rochester Hills, USA

“Energy Storage for Renewable Energy Systems”

Prof. Vasilis Maglaris

Prof. Vasilis Maglaris

Hellenic Republic, Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning & Religious Affairs, General Secretariat for Research and Technology

Honourable Guest

MRE 2013 Speakers

Prof. Andreas Züttel

EMPA Materials Science & Technology, Switzerland

“Closing the cycle with hydrogen”

Prof. Mohamed Bououdina

Director of Nano-technology Centre:

University of Bahrain, Bahrain

“Overview on Some Selected Nanoscale Materials for Hydrogen Storage”

Dr. German Noriega

CIDETE Ltd., Spain

“Waste Heat Recovery Energy System Throough the Car Echaust Pipe Using Geometrical Adapted “TEGS””

Dr. Panagiotis Grammelis

Centre for Research & Technology Hellas/Institute for Solid Fuels Technology &  Applications (CERTH/ISFTA), Greece

“Biomass logistics and sustainability criteria for large scale power generation in Europe”

Prof. Mohamed Prof. German Dr. Panagiotis Grammelis Dr. D. Niarchos

Prof. Yiannis Bakouros

University of Western Macedonia, Greece

“Driving Innovation through pre-commercial procurement in the energy sector”

Prof. Bakouros Prof. Shao

Prof. Guosheng Shao

Director for the Institute of Renewable Energy and Environmental Tech. (IREET) and Leader for Eng., Sports & Sciences at the University of Bolton, UK

“A designer approach for the formulation of sustainable photovoltaic materials and devices”

Dr. D. Niarchos

Dr. D. Niarchos

NCSR 'Demokritos', Greece

“Magnetic Materials for Energy needs”